Kushitani has supported a lot of professional riders from test riders of motorcycle manufacture, riders of All-Japan Road Racing Championship to MotoGP. In these 70 years, we have established the starting point of motorcycle leather suits through supporting many riders including Wayne Michael Gardner, Aaron Tony Slight, Randy Mamola and Norifumi Abe. Finally, we completed full-specified leather suits with continued development and practice for more than 4 years from 2005, when Yuki Takahashi and Aoyama brothers started trying for the world. According to the evolution of riding style, we are continuing the improvement of it day by day.
“NEXUS”, our flagship model of leather suits, is the fruit of new know-how and basis we established through these 70 years. It became a high quality one never let others to follow in all of safety, comfortability and mobility. And it is still progressing for riders battling at the front.

To be more fast, more aggressive.
“NEXUS” will be able to meet your combative instinct.


“CYXUS” is the standard model of leather suit equipped aero pad. Of cause it is enough safety for the race, but it makes much account of comfortable when you get off the motorcycle so that it can make you pleasant even you ride your motorcycle from home to circuit or go sport touring in the leather suit all day long.


“RENTAL SUITS” means it is as same as our leather suits for rental service. It can be prepared only established sizes, not for order.


We use exclusive patterns for ladies which make you look as beautiful as possible, and of cause easy to move. Please choose from 2 types, flagship model or standard model.


High stretchable and good fitting nearly human skin -- leather suits must meet such grate comfortableness and controllability due to make riders to concentrate riding. Furthermore, to ride their machine aggressive, it is necessary to keep its durability and wear resistance in all circumstances. Toward our belief of safety, we pursue both “softness” and “hardness”.

The Best Proportion of Softness and Hardness

Due to our enough understandings of leather material and know-how of original three-dimensional pattern, our leather suits realized incredible mobility and excellent in followingness despite fitting tightly. This followingness makes each protection parts covered exactly so that resulted in the best protection effect. The parts for mobility such as shirring or the high strength fiber ZAYLON, we also consider their place and shapes as same as treating with cover to make sure of safety. All of parts based on minute calculation and a lot of tests. Therefore, it manages both softness and hardness.