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Kushitani Leathers

Kushitani is the leading manufacturer in Japan of the finestquality motorcycle clothing, specializing in leather racing suits, but also including motorcycle leather jackets, leather gloves, racing gloves, racing leather pants, racing boots and women apparel. Kushitani leather products are used by many top racers throughout the world.

Manufactured in Hamamatsu since 1955, Kushitani motorcycle products lead the way in safety and protection with optimum fitting and especially prepared leather for race suits and all racing apparel. Engineered by Japanese designers with racing technology as their background, they have made and continue to make suits second to none.
Be part of the Kushitani legend with leadership, courage and spectacular racing experience, the world of Kushitani begins on the track and develops into the most advanced technical leather and textile designs for the sports and long distance road ride.

The Kushitani clothing product line includes the new EX-Pants leather riding pants which have been pre-treated and are waterproof ,  comfortable to wear and can be washed in the washing machine! Knee shields are added to these motorcycle leather pants to guarantee maximum protection while riding your motorcycle. The Explorer leather pants look like  jeans so you don’t need a change of pants once you are done riding. Also, Kushitani is proud to introduce the new line of motorcycle leather gloves, pre-stretched and made of kangaroo leather, the GPR6 , the next generation of gloves produced using latest technology: K-Foam, Gel Padding, Zylon Stitch, Re-Enforce Zylon covering ring and pinky fingure, Full Gauntlent wrist protection.

BMW Motorrad USA has teamed up with Kushitani to manufacture leather and fabric jackets for the S 1000 RR. Kushitani, the leading manufacturer in Japan of premium quality motorcycle racing gear, has been building race suits since 1947. Kushitani’s racing gear has been used by many top race riders throughout the world because they have developed advanced technical leather and textile designs for sport riders and track use. Not only Kushitani’s leathers but also their textiles are made of the best materials.

The Motorsport jacket has a more aggressive cut than the RR jacket in order to pull shoulders more forward. Stretch Kevlar panel also in the neck area for more comfort in riding position and less resistance in the neck while looking up. White leather is punched mesh for maximum airflow and minimum body exhaustion. Easy to combine with any pants long connection zipper comes with female part which can be sewn into any pants.


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